The Goodman Center Albizu Clinic is committed to providing excellence in the care of each patient.

Goodman Psychological Services Center, Albizu Clinic in Miami

The clinic has integrated services for speech and language pathology as well as psychology provided by trained students earning the most up-to-date techniques in their fields.

The Service Hours:
  • Monday – Thursday 10:00 am.- 9:00 pm.
    (Last appointment 8 pm)
  • Friday – Closed
  • Saturday 9:00 am. – 1:00 pm.

Goodman Psychological Services Center – Miami Campus
2173 NW 99TH Avenue Miami FL, 33172



888-825-2498 (888-8ALBIZU)



♦ The Albizu Clinic offers individual therapy services for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly under telehealth, as well as family, couple or group therapy, specialized services for victims of trauma that include domestic violence, first aid psychological, treatment for borderline personality disorder, family connection and even workshops and / or orientation or training talks to the community.


Individual Psychotherapy

Individualized therapy sessions are offered for children, adolescents and adults. Through this service, the mental health professional helps the patient to manage personal, behavioral, academic, and emotional problems or any other situation that causes emotional distress, to improve their quality of life.

Couples and Family Therapy

In this type of therapy, emotional problems and conflicts that affect couples and families are worked on. The objective is to meet the needs of each member and seek joint solutions to reduce tensions and improve interaction between them.

Group Therapy

In these therapies, specific topics and issues that can cause emotional distress are identified and these are worked on as a group.

Specialized Evaluations

Psychometric, psychoeducational, psychological and neuropsychological evaluations:

The clinic administers different types of specialized tests on an individual basis to explore cognitive abilities, learning disabilities, memory complications, personality and emotional difficulties.

Speech and Language Pathology

♦ Albizu University also has a speech and language pathology clinic that offers screening, treatment and evaluation services to infants, children, youth and adults.

♦ These services are in the different areas of communication, including: hearing, articulation-phonology, voice, rhythm, language (children and adults), cognitive needs, literacy, dysphagia, technological assistance, among others.


Therapy for Children

♦ We provide services for children ages 0-21 in the areas of speech, language, fluency, voice, and literacy disorders.

♦ We work with children with variety of a diagnosis including:  Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech Disorders, Language Disorders, Intellectual Disability, Hearing Impairment, and Developmental Disabilities.

Therapy for Adults

♦ We provide services for adults 21 years and older.

♦ We specialize in the areas of neurogenic disorders, linguistic disorders (intellectual / cognitive impairments, Cerebral Vascular Accidents, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases that affect communication), voice, fluency and articulation.


Pediatric Screening

♦ We offer screenings for children ages 0-21 with suspected speech, language, hearing, eating, and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) to determine the need for a full evaluation.

Screening for Adults

♦ We offer screenings for individuals 21 years of age and older with suspected difficulties in the areas of language, speech, cognition, hearing, and swallowing (dysphagia), to determine the need for a full evaluation.

Pediatric Evaluation

♦A formal evaluation for children 0-21 years of age with difficulties in the areas of language, speech and hearing can determine the need and/or goals for treatment.

Adult Evaluation

♦ A formal evaluation for people over 21 years of age with difficulties in the areas of language, speech, hearing and cognition, to determine the need and/or goals for treatment.

Audiological Screening

♦ Basic audiological screening including tympanometry, pure tones, otoacoustic emissions, and otoscopy.

Payment Assistance

Fees reflect the fact that our services are provided by students, and are determined on a sliding scale basis – they are adjusted based on income.
Evaluation fees can be paid in installments. They must be paid in full prior to feedback session and release of the written report of evaluation.
Billing questions may be addressed to our Intake Coordinator, Gustavo Vilchez.
Financial assistance is available as determined by the director, Dr. Evangelina Alonso.



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